Security Camera Installation in Dubai : The Complete Setup Guide

CCTV  Installation in UAE

Security Camera Installation in Dubai  : The Complete Setup Guide

CCTV  Installation in UAE is an expensive affair, but following some simple steps, you can do the installation yourself.

Plan before installing a CCTV camera

Before starting the installation process, you need to find the right spot, for camera and DVR installation to maximize coverage and minimize cable length. If you want to place it indoors, choose a corner of a room where most entry points into the room are visible. For outdoor settings, choose a higher spot covering the door, garages, widow approaches, etc.

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Step 1: Mounting the camera

Find the right spot for camera installation place the camera unit and mark the guide marks for drilling. After drilling holes, screw the camera in place, and insert the power cable of the camera into the socket.

Step 2: Placing the DVR

A DVR is where the surveillance hard disk is present, and the entire CCTV recording resides in the DVR. We recommend keeping your DVR inside a locked compartment to ensure a tight security system for your home/office.

Step 3: Managing the cables

Set a pathway for the cables from the cameras to the DVR unit. Using wire moldings helps to manage the wires safely and securely.

Step 4: Connecting the wires

To connect the BNC port, remove a few centimeters (approximately 1-1.5cm) of the outer covering of the video cable. Slide the crimping barrel onto the cable facing towards the end of the cable. After removing the white insulator, covering the innermost cable, insert it into the BNC port and screw the crimping barrel. Now connect the DVR output port to the screen.

Step 5: Power on the system

Make the Power on for cameras, the display, and the DVR. Go through the user manual and set up the DVR accordingly. Confirm every camera is working flawlessly with the desired viewing angle.

In Conclusion

We would say if you don’t want to install the security cameras by yourself, hire a professional service. Find a commercial security company that provides you with expert installation and maintenance services for security systems with a long-term warranty. It is your home or office, and you need to protect it without fail. For a cost-effective and modern security camera installation Dubai, visit

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